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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tonight's game is important

*Update about tonight's game (5:30 PM): Nate Thompson was recalled from Providence and Nathan Dempsey cleared waivers and was assigned to Providence. This means the Bruins are down to just 6 defenders (the two Stuarts, Chara, Mara, Alberts, and Jurcina).

After Mara laid down the law on Tucker, and after Savard did some minor trash talking to the media about Raycroft, tonight's game in Toronto is very important.

Mara had this to say about why he beat up Darcy Tucker: "He ran Z, one of our best players...And then he went after Savvy. We can't have that happening."

Look for some tension between Darcy Tucker and the Bruins tonight. I don't want Mara to fight Tucker, I want the 6-9 Bruins' captain Zdeno Chara to beat the crap out of Tucker.

Also, Marc Savard said some dumb crap about how the Bruins had Andrew Raycroft beat, so either Andrew Raycroft will be really on his game tonight or he will be really off his game.

Keep in mind that on Saturday, the Bruins had their first win by more than one goal against Toronto. Lets see if tonight we can have our second win streak of the season and our second more than one goal win.

Also, I'm still trying to think of a nickname for Paul Mara.


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