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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Game 20: Bruins get crushed in noon game by Hurricanes 5-1, are 9-9-2

The Bruins played like crap, they paid the price.

I don't really want to write a whole lot about this game so this will be a quick game summary. The Bruins played terribly. Our puck handling and passing really sucked. Just about every pass in the third and second period was intercepted. It was hard to watch. Our defense couldn't clear squat and our offense couldn't set anything up. It was a poorly played game by the Bruins.

The first period was pretty even. The Hurricanes scored late in the period on the powerplay. (Chara was in the penalty box so the Hurricanes goal didn't shock me.)

In the second period the Bruins gave up two Crap goals nine seconds apart, giving the Hurricanes a 3-0 lead. Then Lewis pulled Thomas and put in the recent call-up Suave (even though the goals were not Thomas's fault). The Bruins seemed a little revitalized and Bergeron scored on the powerplay, ending the period with the Hurricanes up 3-1.

Then the third period came and the Bruins played like crap. I won't even describe the two goals that Suave gave up. Anyway, long story short, the Bruins lost 5-1 in what was arguably their worst played game this season.

A little note: Yesterday's game was the first game that Chara didn't lead the team in minutes. Alberts and Mara played longer. Good luck to the Bruins tonight in Toronto.


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