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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Game 18: Bruins lose to Panther 3-2, are 8-8-2

Every streak must come to an end, and the only win streak the Bruins have had this season has ended at four. It was an excellent win streak that featured great hockey from the Bruins, something this city didn't really see much of in October.

The Florida Panthers now have beaten the Bruins twice. The game though was pretty hard to watch. The Bruins looked like a very weak team. Weak and slow. Tim Thomas was the only reason that the Bruins had a chance at winning.

The first period was highlighted by a bunch of excellent saves by Tim Thomas. However the Panthers did manage to score on a very weak goal. A wussy tip in at the corner of the net that gave the Panthers a 1-0 lead at the end of the first period.

The second period was exactly like the first. The Panthers scored their second goal off of a one timer from a good distance away from Thomas.

With the score 2-0, the Bruins started off the third period with a bang. Four minutes into the period Zdeno Chara drove a puck to the goal, Patrice Bergeron got the rebound and shot and missed. Bergeron then got his own rebound behind the net. Him being behind the net made Alex Auld, the Panthers goalie, leave the net wide open. Bergeron then passed the puck to Glen Murray who put the puck into the wide open net. Later in the period, the Bruins scored an own goal (sort of). A Panthers shot hit off the skates of Paul mara and past Tim Thomas. The Panthers had a 3-1 lead. Then a few minutes later, Glen Murray got his second goal of the game. Murray got the puck at the Bruins blue line from Savard and skated down the ice on a breakaway. Murray, now in the Panthers zone, passed it to Brad Stuart. Stuart then passed it back to Murray who then shot the puck and scored. The Bruins cut the Panthers lead to one, but unfortunately it was the last goal of the game and the Bruins 4 game win streak was snapped.

One last thing, there was only a little more than 11,000 fans at the garden last night. That's pathetic. These are Bruins games we're talking about. They should be sold out every game. The next Bruins game is in Pittsburgh tomorrow, then Friday at the garden at noon


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