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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Game 15: Bruins win in a shootout against Washington 3-2, are 6-7-2

Two in a row! I don't care that the Boston Bruins can only win by one goal, all I care about is the fact that they get the win.

Last night's win against the Capitals was a good solid win. Even though the Bruins gave up a 2-0 lead, the Capitals' goals were crap goals and the Bruins really played a hard, consistent game. Probably the biggest part of the win was the fact that Chara dominated Ovechkin. The Capitals leading point scorer, Ovechkin, was beat by Chara every time he tried to go towards the goal. The Bruins, especially Chara, played superb defense. That was the key to last night's victory.

The Bruins scored the first two goals of the game in the first period. The first goal happened when Glen Murray got the puck at the Bruins blue line and passed the puck to a wide open Phil Kessel at the Capitals blue line. Kessel then skated to the Capitals goal where he flung a wrist shot past the goalie. Then later in the period Brad Stuart, in the Capitals zone, towards the middle of the ice shot a "rocket shot" (as said by the NESN announcer) right past the Capitals goalie and in, giving the Bruins a 2-0 lead. Then just a few minutes later, the Bruins had a powerplay that went bad. At the Capitals blue line the Bruins had the puck stolen and a wide open breakaway gave the Capitals a shorthanded goal.

Then in the second period the Capitals tied up the game on a very nice one timer that Thomas nor the Bruins defense (because of the new NHL rules) could do anything about.

With the game tied the Bruins and Capitals had a very intense and scoreless third period. That was exactly what happened in overtime also. (Zdeno Chara had an amazing overtime, the Capitals got like one shot off while the Bruins had 5)

In the shootout the Capitals shot first and Thomas saved the shot. First for the Bruins was Marco Sturm's shot, it was pretty easily saved. Then Thomas saved the Capitals second shot. Patrice Bergeron shot second and scored a very nice goal. The third Capitals' player's shot was saved by Thomas and the Bruins won

I'm a little worried about tonight's game though because Zdeno Chara might be tired. I know the guy is a beast but he is still human and played 33 minutes in yesterday's game. (Chara has played the most minutes in every Bruins game) Tonight's game is a rematch against the Toronto Maple Leafs who beat us 6-4 last week. The gmae's at 7 at the Garden and on NESN.


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