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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Game 12: Bruins get thrashed by Thrashers 5-3, are 4-6-2

Before I start let me just say how much Versus sucks. I want the Bruins games on NESN, the Verses NHL guys were mediocre at best, with voices that were not meant for television. After the Thrashers scored their first goal in the first period the announcer actually said, "Bang bang score"! At that moment I knew that Bruins games were meant to be on NESN.

We were no match for Atlanta last night, though we were screwed over by the refs. Atlanta last night had 13 power plays compared to the Bruns 5. A difference of that much only leads me to suspect that the refs have family in Atlanta or something. The Bruins don't even play dirty, and they didn't last night. 4 of the 5 Thrasher goals came on the powerplay. Though that isn't a good stat, I don't blame the Bruins penalty kill. They did after all kill 9 penalties.

The Thrashers out played the Bruins in the first period (they had 5 power plays in the first period compared to the Bruins one). The Thrashers had 21 shots compared to the Bruins 8 and they scored two easy powerplay goals.

In the second period the only interesting thing that happened was Paul Mara's slapshot that was redirected into the goal by Patrice Bergeron, cutting the Thrasher lead in half.

Then in the third period the Thrashers scored 3 pretty quick goals, two of them on the powerplay. That gave Atlanta a 5-1 lead. But the Bruins did show some heart and didn;t give up. With a little bit over a minute left, Brad Boyes scored an unassisted short handed goal, and with twenty seconds left, Patrice Bergeron scored his second goal of the game on the powerplay. The comeback though was way too little way too late and the Bruins lost 5-3.

I would say this game is a fluke. the penalties just killed us. the Bruins were not able to play like they had been playing the last couple of games. We'll play better at home on Thursday against Toronto.

Also one last thing, Go and Vote, you can't have a democracy without voters.


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