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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Game 11: Bruins beat Lightning in overtime 6-5, are 4-5-2

Finally, it's our turn for a late in the third period comeback victory.

After Game 8 where the Bruins lost with 1.2 seconds left, and after game 10 where the Bruins gave up 3 third period goals, I'm glad to see the Bruins winning on a last second goal.

It was overall a wierd game and I don't have enough time to describe every goal. 2 goals were scored in the first period, 7 goals in the second period, 1 in the third, and 1 seventeen seconds into overtime. In the second it seemed like the Bruins would score then one minute later Buffalo would score. Toivenen made every Bruins goal worthless because ten seconds later Tampa would score. So in the third Lewis pulled Toivenen, put Thomas in, and Tampa didn't score again.

In the first period Marc Savard scored the Bruins first goal. Then a few minutes later Tampa scored to tie the game up.

In the second period Tampa scored first, a couple minutes later Marc Savard scored his second goal of the game. Minutes later Phil Kessel scored giving the Bruins the lead, then literally ten seconds later Toivenen gave up a goal to the Lightning tying up the game. Four minutes later Tampa Bay scored again giving them a 4-3 lead. A few minutes later, P.J. Axelsson scored tying up the game. Then 27 seconds later Toivenen gave up a crap goal between the legs, letting Tampa Bay have a 5-4 lead after the second period.

Then, in the third period, Tim Thomas came in and the Lightning goals stopped. No goals came in the third period until the Bruins went on the powerplay with a minute left. Lewis also pulled Thomas so the Bruins had a six on four advantage. The Bruins took a shot from the blue line with Zdeno Chara right in front of the goal. The original shot was saved and the rebound bounced up. Then Chara was pushed from behind causing him to dive forward. That led his stick to tip the puck into the goal, and after further review the goal counted and the Bruins were all tied up after the third period.

Because Chara was pushed from behind, the Bruins were able to have a 5-3 advantage in overtime and 17 seconds into the overtime Glen Murray ended the game.

So the Bruins won in overtime 6-5, I was happy and I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's game in Atlanta. Remember nation, the game's on Versus not NESN (Versus is the same channel as what OLN used to be).


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