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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Coach Lewis is reuniting the old number 1 line

I'm getting this from the Boston Globe's Bruins Blog (link on the left right *sorry, I'm tired today).

Sturm, Bergeron, and Boyes will be the top line tonight against Buffalo.
Axelsson, Savard, and Murray will be the number two line.
Primeau, Kessel, and Donovan will be the number three line. (Kessel playing center for the first time in his NHL career.)
Hoggan, Mowers, and Brookbank will be the number four line.

And tonight's defensive pairings will be...

Lashoff and Chara
Alberts and Mara
York and Dempsey

Thomas will start in goal after his performance against Ottawa.

Here's to beating the 10-0-1 Buffalo Sabres!


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