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Monday, November 27, 2006

Bruins recall Hannu Toivenen, send Philippe Sauve to Providence

Peter Chiarelli announced it yesterday, I'm just late 'cause I've been busy with other things.

I hope this is only until Brian Finley is healthy. Hannu Toivenen didn't do that well in Providence (he went 1-4-0), but Sauve is clearly worse than Toivenen. Hopefully Tim Thomas will just play all the time. I like Toivenen but he is clearly not ready mentally (he is ready skill wise) for the NHL, and Sauve clearly showed on Friday why he is meant to be an AHL goalie.

It's Timmy's team and I hope it stays that way.

***Also, someone please come up with a good nickname for Paul Mara. He deserves a good nickname. Email me or post a comment with a good nickname if you have one.


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