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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Game 8: Bruins lose on last second goal (literally last second) to Canadiens 3-2, are 2-5-1

Damn't we can't win. It's not physically possible. The hockey gods are just not on our side. That is the only way to explain tonight's loss to the Habs. 1.2 seconds left. The Canadiens scored on the power play with 1.2 seconds left. Wow, not a good night to be a Bruins fan, and especially not a good night to be the president of Bruins' fans.
Anyway, yes it was an iffy call (referring to the penalty that gave montreal the power play in the last minute of regulation) but it wasn't a terrible call, and the Bruins should be able to kill a penalty for 45 seconds. It was a disgrace. We would have gotten at least a point had we held on for another 1.2 seconds. Not only that, but the guy who scored for Montreal was wide open. There wasn't a Bruins player within a mile of him. There was 1.2 seconds left, all the Bruins had to do was buckle down for a 45 second power play, but they couldn't. And just like last season, they find a way to lose.   
Enough of that, Phil Kessel scored his second of the season and Zdeno Chara scored his first of the season. Also the Bruins shot a season high 36 shots.
On the down side, Tim Thomas was very shaky tonight. He just played worried. Especially after he gave up the first goal 1 minute and 4 seconds into the game. I think Toivenen for now should keep the job. Buffalo is a damn good team, he shouldn't be benched for his performance in that game.
One last thing, the Bruins still only have 5 points. It's pathetic. The Bruins are on pace for a whopping 51 points this season.


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