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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Game 7: Bruins lose to Sabres 6-2, are 2-4-1

Wow I looked like an idiot on Saturday. Sorry this is so late by the way, but I was at a wedding. The wedding was very nice but I'm glad to be back home in Boston. Anyway the Bruins made me look stupid (if you recall from the last entry, I predicted the Bruins handing the Sabres their first loss). I didn't get to see the game from Texas, but from what I read it, the Bruins were man-handled.

Phil Kessel (assisted by Bergeron) scored his first goal of the season and career. While Wade BrookBank (assisted by Marc Savard and Brad Boyes) also scored his first of the season.  One huge stat that I did look up though is that the Bruins went 0-4 on the powerplay while the Buffalo Sabres went 4-7. That is unnacceptable. I really want to believe this is a changed Bruins team, but we're looking a lot like we did last year.

Next game is agianst the Canadiens. I can't wait to watch this one. I love Bruins-Canadiens games. Don't miss it, the games Thursday at 7.


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