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Friday, October 13, 2006

Game 4: Bruins lose 3-2 to the Blues in a shootout, are 1-2-1

Not again!!! The memories from last season are coming back to me. Blowing huge leads in the final minutes. I thought this was a different Bruins team. And the shootout is still haunting us. How hard can it really be to score just a regular goal. It's just you and the goalie. Marco Sturm did exactly what you should do, you shouldn't try to do little plays in front of the goalie and try to fool him, you should just look, find an opening, and blast the puck right by the goalie.

Anyway let me explain the game. The Bruins were doing so well. The number two line (Kessel, Bergeron, and Boyes) were playing fast smart hockey. Bergeron picked up the first goal of the game to give the Bruins a 1-0 lead. Then later in the game Marc Savard scored on an excellent wrist shot that was right over the goalies shoulder. Marc Savard managed to get right in front of the goalie with the puck off of a great pass from Brad Stuart.

The Bruins were doing really well sitting on top of a comfortable 2-0 lead with 4 minutes left in the game. Then for some reason, a reason that I don't know, the hockey gods cursed the Bruins. It all fell apart. The Blues managed to score a pretty lucky goal off of a nice shot from a Blues forward to make it 2-1. Then with about a minute and a half left, a Blues forward shot the puck at Thomas, Thomas saved it and then in front of the goal, Wayne Primeau fell on the ice, leaving his guy wide open. His guy got the rebound and sent a perfectly aimed shot right past Thomas to tie up the game.

The Bruins started the overtime man-down due to a really crappy hooking call against the Bruins (I think it was hooking, I'm not sure). The Bruins killed the penalty but had a pretty bad overtime in which they got off only one shot. Then the shootout happened...

First Tim Thomas makes a nice lay on his belly leg pad save. Then patrice Bergeron's shot was saved. Then tim Thomas made a nice leg over leg pad save. Then the Bruins shot missed again. Then Tim Thomas let up a goal. then Marco Sturm scored on a nice shot that zipped right in between the goalie's legs. Then the Blues player scored and Marc Savard's shot was blocked. Final score: Blues 3 Bruins 2.

The Bruins now have three points though because they lost in overtime. The standings in the title of this blog show 1-2-1. That means 1 win (worth 2 points) two losses (worth 0 points) and one overtime or shootout loss (worth 1 point). If one wants to know the real record just add up the last two numbers (I.E. right now the Bruins are really 1-3.) If one wants to know how many points a team has, just multiply the first number by two and add in the third number. (I.E. the Bruins now have 3 points).

One last thing: The Bruins went 0-7 on the powerplay last night. I can't take it anymore. We have to convert on the powerplay.


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