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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Game 3: Bruins lose to Atlanta Thrashers 4-1, are 1-2-0

Oh man, this is starting to look like last season. Last year the Bruins lost crucial games to Atlanta, games they should have won. (For example: In April last season the Bruins were up 4-2 with something like 7 minutes left in the game. They gave up two lousy goals and the game ended up going into a shootout. Both the Bruins and Thrashers made their first goals but then after Tim Thomas makes save after save the Bruins don't score either. And then finally when Tim Thomas lets up a goal our guy just misses the net completely and the Bruins lose) I'm not saying that last night's game was crucial or that close. But the Bruins had plenty of scoring opportunities (including 8 power plays) and they could not get the puck to go into the net.

The Bruins one and only goal was scored by P.J. Axelson on the power play. It was assisted by Brad Boyes and Zdeno Chara.

Our power play sucked. We went 1 for 8! We need to start scoring when the other team is man down. Last night was unacceptable. Also Phil Kessel dove in front of his first NHL goal. (I'll explain don't worry the metaphor is hard to understand.) Dove is used as a pun. Because Phil Kessel had a wide open just him and the goalie shot and basically tripped over his own feet. He had an easy goal and botched it, so he still has zero career goals scored.

Tonight's game is the home opener for the St Louis Blues. An old time rivalry. Tim Thomas is getting the start tonight, his first since the Florida disaster. The game starts at 8:00 on NESN!


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