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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Game 1: Bruins lose opener to Panthers 8-3, are 0-1-0

I'm not even going to blog about it. It was that bad. The Bruins lost to the Panthers 8-3

Scoring for the Bruins was Marco Sturm in the first period, Glen Murray in the second period, and Wayne Primeau in the third period.

Tim Thomas was named the starter and completely sucked. He gave up 7 goals in 48 minutes. Hannu Toivonen then came in for the last twelve minutes and gave up one goal.

There was no such thing as a Bruins penalty kill, the Panthers went 6-8 on the Power Play while the Bruins went 1-8 (Sturm's goal was on the power play.) Zdeno Chara lead the team in minutes with just under 30:00.

Hopefully the Bruins will rebound tonight in Tampa Bay. Tonight's game is on at 7:30.


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