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Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is from my email because Blogger is a pain

Bruins lose 1-0 and T.O. almost commits suicide!
         Sorry, I had to, the entire sports media is on this story like Terry Francona's lips are on Manny Ramirez's ass (buh dum ching). Apparently Terrel Owens overdosed on pain killers and was rushed to the emergency room. T.O. denies trying to kill himself but nobody except him (and doctors who are bound by confidentiality) know the truth. If you want to know what I think you're going to have to read the next paragraph.
         I think it was an accident. I mean come on people, give Owens a break. It's easy to confuse medicine labels. You know the big letters that say don't take more than two tablets, I can see how T.O. could accidentally pop 10 into his mouth. You start by taking one, and before you know the bottle is empty. Nice Try Terrel, you claim it was a suicide attempt, but I can see right through you. What really happened was that you don't know how to read and thought when the bottle said "don't take more than two", you really thought it said "must take 8 more than two". It's an easy mistake for an illiterate athlete to make. Now on to the Bruins.
        Yesterday the Boston Bruins lost to the New York Rangers 1-0 at Madison Square Garden. Tim Thomas saved 27 of 28 as the team was shut out for the second time in the pre-season. It is comforting to know though that every time the Bruins score, they win. A rematch of last night's game is Sunday at the TD Banknorth Garden  at 4:00. Sunday's game will be the last of the pre-season for the Bruins.
        Also tomorrow I am starting a weekly tribute to Bruins players. Every Friday I will post a picture of a player and give Bruins Nation the chance to comment all about the player. I don't know which player I am going to start with though. E-mail me (or leave a comment, email is preferred though because of the surprise factor) the player you think I should start with.


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