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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Go To Lowell

At 1:00 today the Boston Bruins are playing their first pre-season hockey game against the New Jersey Devils In Lowell! It's at Paul Tsongas Arena (where the Lowell Devils play)

Also I would like to announce that Wily Mo Pena should kill himself. After last night's game against the Yankees he does not deserve to live. It basically looked like he wasn't trying. He made three errors! (they only counted one of them though) The three errors that he made which, I believe, led to two runs were when twice, fly balls hit off his glove and landed, and another time when he just didn't dive for a very catchable ball. Wily Mo Pena also let the team down when he was at bat. Twice in the game he got out with runners in scoring position! Wily Mo Pena was not worth Bronson Arroyo! That was probably the worst trade in theo Epstein's young career.

(I was just kidding by the way. Wily, don't actually kill yourself, just stab yourself in the leg a couple times so you'll be injured and not in the lineup.)

RIP Bart Bradley


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