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Monday, July 31, 2006

Bryan Corey? That's it?

July 31st is always a big day in red sox nation, it's the day of the trading deadline. As the 4 p.m. deadline passed though, it looked as if the Boston Red Sox had not traded for anyone. I was wrong! After I looked harder at I realized that yesterday, the day before the deadline, we traded minor leaguer Luis Mendoza to the Texas Rangers for Bryan Corey. Now don't get me wrong, Bryan Corey is a pretty good young right handed pitcher, but I just figured that it was a given that the Red Sox would trade for more. Especially after two years ago when they traded Nomar, a franchise player, for Cabrera and Mientkewics (please forgive my spelling but I'm in a rush and he has a hard name) which ultimately played a huge roll in the Red Sox winning the world series. Anyway, I guess Theo's decision not to trade may be the right one, we do have a darn good team right now!

By the way, this is the Boston Bruins Blog and I am the President of Bruins Nation, however I am a large Red Sox fan, and a member of Red Sox nation, (though I hold no official title) so when there is no Bruins games or news, don't be surprised when you see little blog entries about the Red Sox, or Patriots, or Celtics, or BC, or Harvard or any other Boston sports team.


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